Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow and ice have paralyzed greater Seattle but since I live in the city I'm having no problems at all

Which shows you the value of having a high urban density. Snow plus lots of ice plus many steep hills have ground much of Seattle to a halt, but I just walked down to my coffee shop, had some coffee and read, then walked over to a used book store and browsed for a while, then went to my bank's ATM to make sure I had money, then ambled over to my grocery store getting a few things before heading back home. All the while I was doing this I was taking in the snow and observing the slice of life that was happening in front of me...because other people were out living life as well. I'm confident that if I really needed to get someplace that I could take a bus, since it's not safe to drive my car. If I lived in a suburb where I had to drive to everything I would be fucked. Completely. But I'm having a quiet Sunday.

People are apparently cleaning out the shelves of their local supermarkets because it was announced that there'd be dangerous conditions for TWENTY FOUR HOURS! MY LORD! I CAN"T BELIEVE IT! TWENTY FOUR HOURS! I'M GONNA STARVE TO DEATH!

In other news my on site apartment manager has flown the coop. She's about twenty one and is the daughter of the formal apartment manager. Nice vote of confidence, there. She's probably gone home to mommy. This is a person who didn't do anything about one of our two washing machines being broken for months because she took her laundry home to be washed instead of doing it onsite. Nice ethics there.

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