Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some of the least literate cities of 2008

From the Central Connecticut State University study.
Seattle is tied for #1 with Minneapolis (it should be said that Minneapolis' twin St. Paul is #4), but who didn't do so well. Let's see.

Los Angeles makes its showing at #56 out of 71, surely confirming that the idea of a sophisticated Northern California and a less sophisticated Southern California doesn't really hold water. Meanwhile, the home of the happiest place on earth, Anaheim, did even worse at 67 out of 71.

Las Vegas, on the other hand outranked Los Angeles by getting 41st place. Las Vegas also outranked LA in the field of most educated 49 to 50, it ranked 14 in comparison to LA's 59th in number of bookstores per capita, outranked LA in number of libraries and library usage per capita 48 to 62, outranked LA in newspaper circulation per capita 43 to 46, also outranked LA in number of periodicals published per capita 33.5(a tie) to 46.5(another tie), but lost out to Los Angeles in the field of internet usage 38 to 30. I'm highlighting this because, well, Las Vegas is a city where you can walk down the street and see a fake Eiffel Tower, as well as a fake Statue of Liberty, castles, even a roller coaster...and all pretty much next to each other....while Los Angeles is a major metropolitan area with millions and millions of people taking up an enormous chunk of real estate. Yet Las Vegas does better than LA when it comes to all around literacy. Is there something they're not telling us? Are the strippers secretly reading "Being & Time" between acts? Can't say at this point...

New York City strangely enough got #24, putting it one notch above San Diego at #25.

Sadly, the big loser at #71 is El Paso, Texas. Even though it scored higher overall at #59, Fresno was also a consistent ultra-low finisher in the categories.

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