Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We are great artists...a minor postering campaign with slightly funny consequences

Not to be shy or subtle about it, there's a group of artists in Seattle who have started a group with the name "We are fucking great artists", or something like "We are fabulous artists", abbreviated WAFA. They put up posters on Capitol Hill a month or two ago advertising a show, which I didn't go to. However, I did notice that one of their posters tried to spell WAFA in cyrillic. Since there really isn't a "W" sound in Russian they'd have had to use the letter "B", which stands for "V". Instead, they used "ш", which means "Sh". Also, in cyrillic "F" is "Ф", which is unacceptable too, so they used the letter for "G", "Г". In other words, шага, which phonetically translates out into "Shaga".

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