Tuesday, January 20, 2009

America becomes a true New World country

An overlooked but highly important consequence of electing a black President. You see, the United States has done its best to conceal its colonial heritage, to conceal the fact that we're not just an extension of Europe but are a country determined by the fact of our later settlement. If you go to Europe and go to some of the old towns in the cities there you'll see that they go back in some cases over a thousand years. The United States has only been settled, at the earliest, about four hundred. Before that North America was an unknown country ruled by its native inhabitants.

Whatever later innovations in things like representative government America later came up with, it was always within the colonial context. Farmers in Massachusetts who existed without slavery? Still in a colonial context and not in a European one. Farmers in Iowa? Farmers within a colonial context and not in a European one. The absence of slavery and of later contact with native american tribes in the United States does not change the fact that our country was produced by colonization. T

he New World was typified by slavery. Now we have a black man as President, as opposed to the 'good New England stock' and other fictions that people used to evaluate potential Presidents by. The United States has been typified by immigrants from all over the world coming to find better lives. Now we have a President who was the son of an immigrant. Barack Obama is more representative of what both we as a nation are and of what the New World as a whole, America north and south, is.

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