Saturday, January 10, 2009

Breast Cancer, looking for a cure....

Maybe a cure isn't as desirable as effective treatment that's much less harmful and invasive. The reason I say that is that it seems likely that one of the causes of breast cancer is the enormous amount of pollutants in the environment. This may combine with genetic predisposition, but judging by the huge numbers of women now suffering from breast cancer it seems that genetic factors aren't the only ones contributing. If it had been, the idea of widespread breast cancer would not have just appeared in the last couple of years but would have been present for a long, long, time. So to find a cure would mean cleaning up the environment and somehow lessening the toxic load that people in general have in their bodies. This is a much more ambitious project than just finding a 'cure', which implies a drug or a treatment that will stop women from getting breast cancer forever. There may not even be a possible cure for breast cancer if the environmental toxins are strong enough. That's why I think that better treatment, treatment that doesn't destroy people's bodies and require mastectomies, is maybe a more attainable goal.

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