Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chavez, we really need to have a little talk

Hugo, Hugo. I realize the importance of having a regime in place that can carry through with a popular revolution, but you know, abolishing term limits is going a little too far. One of the appeals that the Bolivarian Revolution had was that you were a folksy guy with integrity, but trying to end term limits doesn't really agree with that. If you stepped down and another person in your party ran for President---and he or she was truly independent---it would show the world that you're really carrying through the social change you claim to have started. I realize that lots of concrete progress has been realized in Venezuela in many sectors, but for it to stick you need to have basic democracy....and no more of these referendums. Referendums of these sorts bring to mind the Plebiscites that Napoleon instituted, which were bread and circuses designed to give the people a feeling of popular power while the real decisions were made behind closed doors.

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