Saturday, January 24, 2009

From inauguration to inaugration----how long this blog has been going

I just noticed that in the eight years between Bush's first inauguration in 2001 and Barack Obama's inauguration this January 20th I've been writing for about six years ten months. The blog officially started March 28th 2002. It was a little over a 14 months since the inauguration but because of 9/11 it seemed like an eternity. But all this is profoundly depressing to me. 6 Years, 10 Months of 8 years. I outlasted the Bush regime but it left fucking scars through the completely anti-intellectual tone of these times. At a time when pseudo-literate right wing authors could get shit in print that didn't make even the basic amount of sense that a college freshman class would require I was writing shit that touched on complex philosophical issues and getting totally ignored and laughed at when the someone decided to pay attention to me. The helpful people from anonymous e-mail addresses who read my posts for a long time and used to mysteriously make insulting comment after insulting comment on them once complained that my writings were making their brains hurt.

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