Thursday, January 22, 2009

How strange--Valkyrie nominated for nothing and Benjamin Buttons nominated for everything

In the Oscars competition. There's no conspiracy here, as I've outlined in previous posts. Instead, there's the sheer weight of Hollywood inertial stupidity, stupidity that shies away from any controversy like it's the plague. Benjamin Buttons, which I've seen, is a nice, harmless, drama that's uplifting and happy. Valkyrie has Hitler in it. The academy, if it selects Brad Pitt as the best actor of the year for Benjamin Buttons it will confirm that the academy cares more about nice consensus than about actual talent. Pitt was decent in Benjamin Buttons, but in my opinion Tom Cruise blew him out of the water with his portrayal of Stauffenberg in Valkyrie.

In general I'm surprised that Benjamin Buttons got the amount of nominations that it did. It's really a second rate film, although a good second rate film, and it doesn't deserve the highest honors that a competitive, juried, competition could bestow on it. But it's safe! And heart warming! And it doesn't bring up any icky moral issues that people have to ruminate on! And Brad Pitt is so cute! You see where I'm going with this.

The level of reasoning here is probably something like that of a coked up executive waking up in the morning and considering the films to be nominated and saying "What? Umm. Damn that fucking light. What time is it? Shit. Okay okay, what films are out there. One about Nazis with Hitler? No fucking way. What else is there? Oh yeah, that one about the guy who ages backwards. Cool. Where's my fucking car? What the hell happened last night?"

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I was surprised Valkyrie is not nominated for anything !!!!!!! why do they do that in the oscars....

When I finished watching Valkyrie I BELIEVED it is going to at least get 1 or 2 oscars.