Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nine, soon to be eight, days until Bush is gone

I used to look at all of those 1.20.09 bumper stickers as being the ultimate in defeatism: an acknowledgement by the people who bought and display it that they're not going to do much in terms of protesting except let the clock run out. Not work on campaigns, not write letters, not participate in protests, just have that bumper sticker on their car and hope for the best. Of course, these people could also have been volunteering for the Obama campaign, but the ethic embodied in that sticker was profoundly depressing. Now that 1.20.09 is less than ten days away it's a little different.

I have a prediction, and it concerns Gaza: the conflict in Gaza will mysteriously end a day or two before Obama is inaugurated. It's been in the back of my mind that part of the reason for the assault on Gaza now is that Bush is still in office and still able to offer cover to the Israelis to do whatever they want, so they're aiming at the most brutality they can inflict on the Palestinians in Gaza while their blank check is still good. I'm not sure what Obama's position is going to be but it likely won't be the kind of blanket acceptance of fascist far right policies that Bush has given his assent to, both in Israel and around the world. 1.20.09 may be around the day when Israel announces that their 'military objectives' have been met in Gaza.

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