Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A special blast from the past: George W. Bush after the inauguration

Based on William S. Burrough's routine "Roosevelt after the inauguration". Originally written in April of '03

A blast from the past that I wrote in 2003:

"George W. Bush after the inauguration (with apologies to William S. Burroughs)

Well it was just after the inauguration; George Bush was reclining in the oval office with a few of his choice cronies, Donald Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Cheney, and the justices who assured him his office, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia.......Ashcroft is supplicating Bush by giving him a ceremonial foot bath and annointing, in the manner of the apostles to Christ in the gospels. "Ah, Ashcroft buddy, that feels so good, where'd you learn to do that?" our commander in chief says, petting the red assed baboon which he has beckoned to his side for this occasion....

"Fellas" George Bush says, "There's gonna be a new appointee in town, heading up the office of homeland security", "I want you to meet Wilbur" he says, gesturing to the red assed baboon who is by this time masturbating heavily in a corner.

"Wilbur may not look like much, and he might lack, er, some of the finer social qualities, but with him at the head of the new department our security will be tighter than ever"... he says, turning his head and nodding at Wilbur, who is screeching in ecstacy.

"But Boss...." starts out Donald Rumsfeld. Interrupting him, Bush declares "Now Donny, you and the rest of the crew are going to have to get used to Wilbur being on top, er, I mean, Wilbur, as head of the new department, has authority over all of you----he only reports back to me, see? And so you'll going to have to squelch your objection." "Your position, Donny, is in Wilbur's hands now, and I wouldn't want to make the little guy mad if I were you."

"I, I" Rumsfeld manages to blurt out of his constricted throat.....Wlibur takes a look at the spectacle before him. It seems that Rumsfeld has stopped Wilbur from finishing his business.

Wilbur takes two steps and then leaps at Rumsfeld, grabbing him by his shoulders and taking him to the ground. He stands on his back and pounds Rumsfeld's ribcage, while the Secretary yelps in horror. Ripping Rumsfeld's shirt to shreds, Wilbur then moves south, smelling the congealed semen and fecal stains in Rumsfeld's pants....Snapping his belt and ripping his trousers Wlibur decides to finish what he started internally with Rumsfeld, and proceeds to viciously sodomize him with his foot long bone hard penis.

Unlubricated and commanded by an animal who knows no bounds to cruelty Rumsfeld's sensitive anal tissue is lacerated by Wilbur's thrusting, with blood now visibly coating the simian's large, red, member.

"See Donny my boy" Bush chuckles, "It seems the office of homeland security has decided to veto your proposal." "Good boy Wilbur", he adds.

Shrieking with delight Wilbur steps up the pace and soon falls strangely quiet, having obviously deposited his primate semen into Rumsfeld's lacerated anal canal.....

Rumsfeld is semi-conscious...the primate rape was more than he was expecting from Bush.

The site of the gurgling figure of Rumsfeld on the floor makes the remaining members of the group stand back. Even Clarence Thomas, who, at the height of the Simian's sexual act could be seen stroking his own member through the cloth of his pants. He knew what could happen next.

Wilbur, by now dislodged from Rumsfeld, now retires flaccidly to a velvet backed chair which Bush has sent out for; Bush hands him a cigar and lights it for the ape.

"Was it as good for you as it was for me?" Bush asks. He looks at the simian, divining an answer, then turning to the rest of the crew in the office says "Boys, there's a new Sheriff in town. We have work to do; I think that me and you all, with Wilbur at my side, are gonna do some good things for this country."

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