Friday, January 16, 2009

Three books by Hitler available at ye local chain bookstore but none by socialist authors

The ones by Hitler being about four copies of "Mein Kampf", one copy of "Hitler's Second Book", one copy of the mammoth, over six hundred page "The essential Hitler". Also carried is a book of key speeches of the Third Reich by various Nazis. People will say "But they carry a book or two by Marx!", but that's not really a valid point because Marx was largely a theorist and not really a socialist political figure in the same way as, say, Lenin or Rosa Luxemburg. I mean, why don't they carry writings by Lenin? You might object saying that Lenin was an authoritarian who killed libertarian socialism in the USSR and who has blood on his hands from orders given during the civil war, but no one outside of hyper-ideological Fox News types suggest that there's any equivalence between Lenin and Hitler. Stalin and Hitler yes, but not Lenin and Hitler. I mean, if the bookstore, which is either Barnes & Noble or Borders Books & Music (I'm not going to say which), was really concerned about the morality of the political figures whose writing they're stocking they wouldn't stock three books by Hitler now, would they? Kill twelve million people, fine to carry speeches and writings, started a socialist revolution that was problematic, with both positive and negative aspects, that did in the process kill people, albeit in a civil war which the revolution sparked, can't carry him. People would be up in arms if a major chain bookstore started carrying multiple tomes of Lenin's speeches and writings. But Hitler, well....I mean there is the first amendment, right?

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