Monday, January 12, 2009

UN Human Rights Workers hold up UN flag with bloody handprints on it

Unique, to say the least

United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) employees hold a U.N. flag stained with red paint during a protest in the West Bank city of Hebron against Israel's offensive in Gaza January 12, 2009. (Reuters/Nayef Hashlamoun/West Bank)The resolution setting up a fact-finding mission was adopted despite the lack of Western support.

"GENEVA - A divided UN Human Rights Council voted on Monday to condemn Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip and set up a probe into "grave" human rights violations by Israeli forces against the Palestinians.

Thirty-three African, Asian, Arab and Latin American countries voted for the resolution. Thirteen mainly European states abstained, while Canada was the only country to vote against.

The 47 member council -- frequently critical of Israel in the past -- normally seeks to adopt resolutions by consensus.

Western countries said the text put forward by Arab and African states was too biased and failed to clearly recognise the role that rocket attacks launched by Palestinian militants played in triggering the offensive."

Maybe the feeling of 'bias' held by the West against the African and Arab states is something that they have caused third world countries to feel time and again in actions regarding them. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

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