Saturday, January 03, 2009

"Unlawful Combatants" in peace time are criminals, end of story

There has to be a real conflict for their to be unlawful combatants. You have to have combat to have either combatants who are lawful or combatants who aren't. If someone does something like 9/11 without the context being a war they have committed a crime but have not engaged in war. As such they should be tried as criminals and punished. Simple as that. Here's another example: if a group of people declares that they're fighting society, but have no popular support, and commit terrorist acts against people, they're supposed to be tried as criminals, not as combatants of any sort, because their actions and their group together don't qualify them as entities who can credibly initiate a war. There's a big difference between an entire army and Al Qaeda.

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