Thursday, January 08, 2009

The U.S.-Israeli relationship is in an advanced state of perverse decadence

And not decadence and perversion in a good way. Writing a lot of these things I'm aware that if Israel was just a peaceful society occupying a place in the desert where there were no previous people, just doing its thing, that alleging that pro-Israeli bias in the U.S. news had grown to the point where the media is almost a stenographer for Israel would be anti-Semitic. But in the present time that isn't how Israel is. That isn't how the situation with the Palestinians is either: a few people who happened to be there. The cozy relationship between the U.S. government and Israel, constituting automatic approval and a constant flow of money and weapons, is something corrupt that should not have started. Now that decades and decades have passed, at least since the early '70s, what started out wrong has grown to such huge proportions that increasingly perverse outcomes are being produced. What I mean by that is that certain profoundly fucked up situations can only come into existence if the system that produced them has been broken for a long time. You don't get to certain levels of wrongness in one go, they have to be built.
The U.S.-Israeli relationship has taken on such tremendous levels of dishonesty that black is now effectively white and white now black in the media.

Mainstream U.S. media portrayal of the conflict is mostly approving of Israel, portraying the Israelis as pure victims responding to threats on their lives. The reality is the opposite. Everyone else knows it but us, because we've built bullshit on top of bullshit regarding the Palestinians and Israel up so much that we can't see the ground below it. When you puncture that wound, or that boil, lots and lots of bile comes out, bile that at first glance may appear to be anti-Semitic but that in fact is a basic statement on how the U.S.-Israel relationship has become.

Palestine has nothing to do with the religion of Judaism. Israel does not equal Judaism, no matter how hard they try to promote that link. Israel also does not equal the community of people who designate themselves as being jewish. Israel does not have the authority to invoke the Holocaust as a valid reason to do what it wants to to the Palestinians. Israel is simply a settler state that drove the original inhabitants either out or into small areas, took their land, broke the rules and took more and more land that they were not even legally allowed to take under a UN agreement, and has been both enforcing its claims to the place it exists in by arms and is trying to expand its borders even farther. Depopulating the region of its original inhabitants as it goes.
The Palestinians are rightfully resisting this. They contest the original election that gave the signal that the formation of Israel was approved of by the Palestinians. Judaism and Jewish identity don't have anything to do with it. It's power.

The only factor that informed Israel from ethnic and religious considerations was the notion that after the Holocaust people of jewish background deserved a safe haven from further persecution. While that may have been a good point in theory, in practice the piece of land that they wanted said homeland to be built was already occupied by people who had lived their for millenia.....and who were probably relatives of the Israelis although they were Muslim. The next step was racism. Although I haven't looked into the founding of Israel as much as I should, I think that one of the reasons it came about is because the people who lived there, the Palestinians, were regarded as an inferior race. This racism was commonly held both by European Jewish settlers and the British occupiers. The struggle for Israeli independence, then, was thought of not in terms of Israelis and Palestinians but in terms of Israel vs. the British, two white groups....European for all purposes...fighting over who possessed the right to the land that the Palestinians lived on.

The invocations of the Holocaust are grotesque. The suggestion that Hamas better stop because their actions may lead to a wave of anti-semitism in Europe, with the subtext of a potential new Holocaust, is beyond grotesque and perverse when you consider that 700 real people, not abstract people possibly located twenty years in the future, have died as a result of Israeli attacks. Which is more important---people being killed now or the abstract possibility that all this may lead to increased anti-semitism which may include more threats to Jews in Europe, which may escalate into mass persecution. People are dying, being killed, maimed, injured, at this moment and Israel is invoking specters from sixty years ago in the past in order to justify the killing, the maiming, and the injuring going on right now.

You be the judge of it all.

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