Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Women are not 'Pork'" by Ruth Rosen....give me a break

I say that because the title of the article---a reference to people equating women with meat---has nothing to do with the actual content of the article. Or at least nothing nearly as sensational as you'd believe. The article is about a change in the stimulus bill that...wait for it....didn't cut contraceptive funding...but instead left contraceptive and family planning under Medicaid where it is instead of giving more money for it. She then goes on to talk about how lack of family planning effects the economy, but then comes back to frothily nail her target by suggesting that the labeling of the bill as 'pork', which is what all unnecessary spending is labeled as, with regards to women is indicative of a deeper treating of women's bodies as meat by society and congress. So I suppose that we should supply $1 Billion dollars to Ruth Rosen to dole out as she pleases because, obviously, contraceptive planning is too important to put a dollar amount on. Hell, $100 Billion, how about it? Because you're treating women like meat otherwise.

It sort of figures that she's a teacher at UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley is a boutique school where semi-radical professors can think they're changing the system by being allowed to be shrill in one or two classes.

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