Saturday, January 31, 2009

Woo hoo! Purple Fingers!

All over the news today are pics of Iraqis with purple fingers who voted, so many different pictures that it's actually become somewhat funny to me. The purple finger thing, the featuring of it, started off as a propaganda device used by the Republicans to try to justify the invasion of Iraq. Because people were able to vote, therefore progress had been made over Saddam Hussein and we were successful in bringing democracy to the middle east. Very visibly, all the Republican members of Congress came into session with their index fingers died purple one day, showing what all the pictures were about. The purple is an anti-cheating device designed so that folks can't vote multiple times. Democracy will no doubt exist in Iraq until they elect someone who we really don't like, when it will be declared invalid because the candidate will have a supposedly illegitimate or radical agenda, after which we'll overthrow the new government. I mean, it's not like we're not going to put the new embassy, which is the size of several football fields, to use. We're still occupying Iraq and will still most likely have a big presence there after most of the troops are gone. If we wanted to truly support Iraqi democracy we would get the hell out of there, close down the embassy, and stop interfering.

That gesture would be worth more than all of the pictures of people with purple fingers circulating out there now.

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Royce Christian said...

Don't forget that supposedly 5 candidates in the election were killed within 24 hours, or something similar. So much for progress.