Saturday, February 14, 2009

At almost 6 years, 11 months of writing, here are the three basic stages of writing a blog

Pretty simple. For the first couple of years you're carried by your enthusiasm and the stuff you have to say. The next phase starts when you realize that despite your enthusiasm and the fact that you've been writing and writing for several years, the world may have another opinion, most likely it doesn't know you exist. This lasts for several years as well, during which you have to sort of push yourself and not give up. Finally, the third stage comes when you've been doing it for so long you no longer care whether or not anyone out there knows you exist. This is aided if, ironically, you have a hit counter and at least know that some people are viewing your site. Simple, short, and sweet. Nietzsche had his "Will to Power", I think that it's useful to have a "WIll to Spite" if you're going to be writing a blog for any period of time.

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