Sunday, February 08, 2009

Building on the below post about Totalitarianism and Fascism: applying it to the post-9/11 years in the U.S.

I think one could see the source of the ultra-reactionary trends in post-9/11 America as being a continuation of the Reagan years and the Reagan "revolution". There you had reaction against substantial liberalization of society that was combined with economic dislocation and resentment. From the time that George H.W. Bush was put into office to the time George W. Bush assumed office there were constant complaints about the country becoming too liberal, with Clinton being literally dogged almost every day of his time in office by conservatives who could not admit that large parts of the country had turned against Reaganism and had embraced a new found liberalism. The economy continued to hollow out during Clinton as well, although not as drastically as in the late Carter years and although offset by the dot com boom. 9/11 was the perfect excuse for the simmering resentments of conservatives against liberals, of Fundamentalist Christians against secular society, to be telegraphed into a bid for power and a bid to essentially take back the country that they thought they'd lost during the Clinton years. Hopefully the election of Obama and this particular economic crisis, produced under the Bush administration (although ultimately set on course by Clinton's neoliberalism), has put the Reagan era to rest once and for all.

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