Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goebbels and Saul Bellow on Poles

Here's Saul Bellow from "Ravelstein":

'To Wadja,[his servant] Ravelstein was just another loud Jew--her savage imagination had pictured the money he controlled, and he was rowdy, incomprehensible
It was Wadja who moved the furniture, cleaned the toilets, ran the vacuum, scoured the pots, washed the crystal. Easily overheated, she took off her dress and her slip. She worked in a giant bra and swelling Zouave bloomers.

At the sight of him in the wheelchair Wadja's face was torn between compassion and irony--a cocked eyebrow. A mass of suspended comment slid down the pug-nosed slope of her face. Well, it was very bad! But then, he was a Jew as well." 91-92

"The F├╝hrer's verdict on the Poles is damning. more like animals than human beings, completely primitive, stupid and amorphous. And a ruling class that is an unsatisfactory result of a mingling between the lower orders and an Aryan master-race. The Poles' dirtiness is unimaginable. Their capacity for intelligent judgement is absolutely nil."

Goebbels, diary entry from October 10, 1939.

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