Friday, February 13, 2009

How can sex be torture? Well, if you're a devout religious person and it's done against your will...

Which appears to have to a person implicated in the Mumbai terror attacks, with the people in question working for the FBI. We tend to take a cavalier approach to things here, but picture a person who is a fundamentalist Christian, who is married, who struggles against thoughts about other women and tries to separate himself from things like pornography, or even films with content that's not Christian, in order to keep himself on the straight and narrow. If he were really serious about it, and under interrogation the agents made him cheat on his wife, when they know of course that this would break a key ethical value that he holds that's really important to him, it would be abuse. Depending on what went on it could even be considered sexual abuse because you're forcing a person to engage in activity not only non-consensually but against their will. It's something that's most likely in use against people because the FBI and the CIA, and whoever else, parts of the military, who use the techniques know that many, many guys in the U.S. will laugh at it.

But it's abuse nonetheless, and the reversal of the typical roles do not make it less of an abusive act.

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