Sunday, February 22, 2009

Interesting: a different take on the Catholic/Protestant divide in Northern Ireland from the Official IRA

Which, while still being a terrorist group, is interesting. I was shocked to read that they refer to the Provisional IRA, the one people think of when they hear the name, as the 'Rosary Brigade'. Their position is that a unified Ireland shouldn't be based on confessional principles, i.e. Catholics vs. Protestants, but should instead include both of them together. Also, the belief was there that the movement should be based in the working class. In a way this makes a lot more sense than seemingly going backwards from a secular movement to one based on religion, especially religious traditions that include lots of ultra-right wing people. I suppose that ultra-rightists are present on both sides of the issue along with the Anglican church in Northern Ireland. But that just goes to show you that religion is probably not the way to go to promote a united Ireland. The legitimacy that the Provisional IRA gets in the U.S. and in Northern Ireland itself seems to go back to the suppression of the Catholic Church in Ireland by the British. The Church was suppressed, therefore the Church became a rallying point. But unfortunately there are lots and lots of Protestants who live in Northern Ireland, and who may actually make up a majority of the people there. If you go by confessional lines alone it seems unlikely that there's going to be a win any time soon.


Anonymous said...

The provisional ira has always been a socialist group, and many of the great nationalists like Daniel O connell were Protestant. You're not breaking any news here.

Adamgv said...

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