Friday, February 06, 2009

Just sinking in that Bush is really gone

It's one of those delayed responses: Bush gone, but really? Personally, I haven't even gotten to the gloating stage as I realize that hack, truly hack, right wing commentators who got their works in print due solely to a combination of massive right wing funding and the Bush administration now are shut out of influence. If you don't agree with the notion that many of the people releasing book after book are hacks, or think that this is writerly sour grapes on my part, just cruise over to Regnery Publishing and take a look, or better yet look for their books at your local chain bookstore. Truly, the only reason anyone gave a damn about these people was political patronage, and now that's gone gone gone. No more barely literate missing links pounding out crap packaged as gold because these folks publish anything. No more of obstructionist government officials.

My use of the word "obstructionist" probably qualifies me as more literate than 90% of the new conservative authors published in the last couple of years.

You know, it didn't used to be like that. There have probably always been obnoxious conservative authors, but until the '90s in the United States, and the rise of right wing talk radio, there was a strain of conservatism that tried to respond to critics by portraying itself as more thoughtful, literate, and philosophically savvy than them. While they may have been wrong, their contributions (as read in retrospect decades and even centuries later) were at least thought provoking and provided something to chew on mentally.

Anyways, Bush is gone, Obama is in, and I think not just me but the country in general is just starting to feel its oats, is just realizing that this cancer on the United States is gone and that we can reassert ourselves with some dignity and sanity.

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