Thursday, February 19, 2009

More in depth article on jailing kids for cash scandal

Amy Goodman's Piece is a nice presentation of the issue.She mentions a girl getting three months in prison for a web page parodying an assistant principle.
Juvenile justice and the U.S. school system are two prongs of a pitchfork that a lot of kids get speared with, the reason being that school boards are often controlled by conservative Christians and in many areas judges defer to the schools. Although juvenile crime in cities is punished by the same inequities that are present in prosecution of minorities who are adults, the areas that I'm talking about, that are more rural than others, are legal black holes that people can't do much about. "In loco parentis", the doctrine that in a school setting the school authorities have the power of the parent, means that depending on where you are you may get a liberal parent, a conservative parent, a parent who's a fundamentalist Christian, and an authoritarian parent obsessed with disciplining people.

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