Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More "Maxims from the Real World ™" #5 People aren't always honest

Adding to profound Real World ™ knowledge like "you should show up to work on time" and "you should wear formal clothes", "People aren't always honest" supplies yet another insight into life that you couldn't ever learn at school or elsewhere, something that you would have to be part of the Real World ™ in order to understand. Yes, sometimes people cheat other people and sometimes they do it while claiming that they're not really doing it. Added to this maxim are two others: 1) sometimes panhandlers use the money you give them to buy booze, and 2) sometimes people charged and convicted for crimes actually have committed them. Bet you thought you were in a world where no one ever lied or deceived other people, eh, eh?

Until next time, this has been an authentic Real World ™ maxim.

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