Saturday, February 21, 2009

The real funny thing about Ayn Rand is...

That she seems to feel that Stalin and folks who ordered executions and sent people to Gulags were bleeding heart liberals concerned with compassion. She should have been more attentive during her childhood. Because she feels that this is the case, and that arguments and policy dealing with forced collectivization came ultimately from bleeding heart liberalism, her ideas have almost no connection with reality and are pretty much useless as a framework for analyzing the world.


Anonymous said...

Yes. How astute- certainly Stalin never used the good of others as a whitewash for his evil- certainly he never preached that Communism would be moral for humanity. Certainly he never preached self-sacrifice for the public good. Very observant of you.

Mantar said...

Hey, Captain Sarcasm: that's exactly his point, that Rand mistakes the whitewash on the thing for the thing itself. A case of naivete at best, sheer idiocy at worst.
Like the idiots who think the Nazis were "socialists" 'cause they done put it in the name o' th' party!

Labels are often misleading, and virtually always so in politics.

Please try to keep up.