Saturday, February 28, 2009

What now after Obama? Independent Socialist Politics

Now that Obama's in office one of the questions is what do we do, because he has features of progressivism in his approach. My answer to this is that it would be good to start up an independent socialist sphere of politics again, to try and build something up independent of the Democratic Party that could potentially be a player in local, state, and national politics. When I say 'player' I don't automatically mean either a kind of party or something purely electorally focussed, but instead a movement that includes lots of features but is more self conscious of itself than just a collection of random individuals. I think we have to build a sphere that includes proposals, discussion, our own media, our own local experiments, our own take on legislation, our own campaigns for change (in the sense of non-electoral campaigns), as well as possibly electoral participation on several different levels. Maybe ad hoc groups founded and broadly associated with one another.

The Bush administration put lots of us on the defensive, favoring trying to stop the world from going over the edge into ultimate destruction rather than pushing for positive progressive and socialist alternatives. Now that Obama is in office the time seems right to come back with the types of positive proposals for change that were shelved for years.

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