Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ah, the patina of an FMLN victory in El Salvador rubs off so quickly

Here's an excerpt from an interview with Mauricio Funes from The Nation:

"What's the first message you'd like to send to President Obama?

The message that I would like to send to President Obama is that I will not seek alliances or accords with other heads of state from the southern part of the continent who will jeopardize my relationship with the government of the United States.

Opinion polls in El Salvador indicate that large majorities of its citizens reject key policies that define, in many ways, the relationship between El Salvador and the United States, specifically CAFTA, dollarization and the Iraq war. What will your approach be to these issues?

We can't get mixed up in repealing CAFTA...nor can we reverse dollarization, because that would send a negative message to foreign investors, and then we'd be facing serious problems because we wouldn't have enough investment to stimulate the national economy."

*on edit: there's also the consideration that El Salvador could fall back into civil war if the FMLN goes too quickly. Democracy in El Salvador is tenuous already and so I'm sure that they're trying to not promote another round of fighting.

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