Monday, March 30, 2009

Albania and Croatia set to join North American Treaty Organization

Or NATO. I like that better than "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" because it reflects reality a little more accurately. One wonders whether or not the effect of this will be to make Albania something close to an official U.S. colony and make Croatia even more belligerent to Serbia than it already is. Bosnia, interestingly enough, is not on the board as being slated for NATO membership. The horrors of the civil war are still too new for it. And 40% unemployment. Meanwhile, Albania, which is mafia run and whose economy is destroyed as well, but for the reason of Enver Hoxha and not war, is now a reliable U.S. ally, no doubt because of Kosovo and the aspirations for a Greater Albania at the expense of other regional countries that it possesses.

One would hope that with the reduced status of the U.S., NATO would lose importance compared to the European Union and the United Nations, but that doesn't look like it's happening.

*on edit: ah yes, we arm the world, we arm the people, we are the ones who give the military aid that destroys countries.

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