Monday, March 30, 2009

American Bar Association accused of giving more approval to Democratic party nominated candidates

At the Federal level. The ABA has been delegated the authority to oversee the certification of lawyers in the majority of U.S. states, including the most populous U.S. states. Without passing the bar in California or New York you can't practice law. So far, there hasn't been a challenge saying that the ABA is biased regarding the certification of all the lawyers in California. Strange how on the Federal level, where there are a vastly smaller number of judges, there is.

The Federal bench is so small that it makes sense to evaluate candidates person by person instead of according to the administration that nominated them. Might I suggest also that the reason that Democratic administration candidates fared better is that administrations like those of Reagan and Bush suggested candidates so unqualified and so obviously chosen for purely ideological reasons that they were simply unacceptable?

It's funny that after eight years of Bush, with torture being approved of, that folks are questioning the rationality of a group that objected to things that outside of the U.S. are publicly acknowledged as outrages, where the dramatis personae now have warrants out for their arrest.

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