Monday, March 23, 2009

Chavez, why the insult to Obama?

Calling Obama an "ignoramous". Obama is far from being "Señor Peligro", so I don't understand why the increased offensive against Obama. Maybe it's because Obama will likely allow states to score less propaganda points than Bush did. I'd really like to believe that Venezuela isn't one of the countries jumping on that bandwagon.

The jumping of countries on the anti-Obama bandwagon is something that warrants its own comment. North Korea is the prime example. Bush likely benefited North Korea because he gave them an opportunity to retrench and put forward a hard line instead of being drawn back into the peace process. Now that Bush is gone and Obama isn't saber rattling there's less of an excuse to not discuss reunification with the South. North Korea is extremely fragile, though extremely authoritarian, because its economy is fundamentally destroyed and incapable of meeting the basic needs of its citizens. The military is the only sector of North Korean society that actually functions, and it actually has constitutional status as the leading institution in the country. Without a military threat the status of the military becomes jeopardized.

It looked like Iran was jumping on the bandwagon too, but has moderated the fanaticism in recent days. Certainly it's bad for Ahmadinejad that the U.S. has abandoned the "Axis of Evil" concept. Iran, for those who don't remember, was well on the way to reform when Bush designated it part of the "Axis of Evil", but the invocation of the "Anti-Comintern Pact" between Germany, Japan, and Italy put that on the back burner. Now, like in North Korea, there's less of an excuse to not suggest reform again

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