Monday, March 30, 2009

Gary Locke as Commerce Secretary

This is a relatively old topic but a good one. Gary Locke is the former governor of Washington state, and his appointment as commerce secretary points to a potentially very positive shift in the way things work in relation to commerce. Washington has been criticized for having too many regulations; the charge is that businesses just don't want to move out here because it would cost them too much money; but those same regulations have increased the quality of life here to a point where it supersedes that in most other states. Whether people are aware of it or not, they're the beneficiaries of this extra regulation. So Locke, the democratic governor who preceded Christine Gregoire, who is another topic entirely, comes from a state where the regime of regulation is anti-neoliberal, and will no doubt bring that philosophy to his tenure as commerce secretary.

Better than a person from the power structure of a state that allows massive open air pit mining or strip mining.

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