Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My hope, or one of them at least

Is that the current economic crisis will show people a little bit of where their headspace has been at for quite a while. I like philosophy. I like sociology. I like anthropology. They're all interesting subjects, and I've studied them to varying depths in college. Invariably when talking to people about them there'd always be one or two folks who would laugh at the fields themselves, talking about how they had absolutely no practical value and would make a person absolutely no money in the real world.

Well, I hate to say it but we've seen where just focussing on what makes a person money in the Real World gets us haven't we?
Short term gain, business being able to do what it wants without regulation, an ethic of wanting to make a quick buck for yourself by fucking over other people--competitors, the public, other employees. It seems like the courses that help you make it in the Real World in the sense that these people meant are the ones that helped us along on our path. Maybe if folks knew about and had taken courses in the social sciences and humanities they would have known that what they were doing was fucking stupid and that it would lead to serious consequences down the line.

In other words, critical thought and knowledge about the external world beyond your business function often help to mitigate the making of very stupid decisions.

But then the incentives throughout the whole system are for behavior like I've just described, so that if less than a sizable amount of folks had chosen to go against the grain they would have been forced out and nothing would have changed.

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