Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Progressives: making politics fun again

It's interesting: I went to highs school during the '90s and in that period the overwhelming majority of kids who wanted to study politics were Student Government types who liked to play local party machine participant, who's idea of politics as a kind of stupid, content free, popularity contest was perfectly crystallized in the form of the Clinton administration. Politics was largely, both on the national scale and in the microcosm of the school age world, the province of shallow party operators who focussed on winning without having any particular principles, who could reach out across the aisle---and literally fuck across the aisle in the case of James Carville and Mary Matlin--without perceiving any hypocrisy in the act.

The rise of Progressives has made politics interesting and relevant again, and temporarily challenged the power of the idiots who know how to glad handle and network but know how to do little else.

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