Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Publicity, I need publicity

The problem with doing the kind of writing I do is that the people who would be interested in it are scattered, decentralized, and generally distrustful of the internet because rightly or wrongly they assume people are monitoring their movements. Although Anarchoblogs has been reformed it remains to be seen if it will take off and be used or not. One of the protests against complaints by me that not enough people are reading my blog is that I'm not making an effort to reach out and market and promote it. But how exactly would I connect with the people who would be interested in it?

It's either find a way to connect with lefties or seek mainstream acceptance, hopefully with minimum damage done to my writing.
Even in the mainstream it's unlikely that they'd really understand me. Instead, they'd probably view me as a charming misanthropic figure who can write well.

So where does my constituency lie? Anarchist kids, people who are independent Marxists who aren't part of Trostskyist sects (or the Revolutionary Communist Party), academics and other hyper literate people who are interested in philosophy, politics, and some culture? Beyond that I don't have a clue about what the profile of a likely reader of my site is; maybe he or she would be a grab bag from lots of different sources, like I am, but that's an even worse demographic to try to connect to.

Any thoughts out there?

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