Monday, March 16, 2009

Russian bombers in Cuba?

This is a repeat of an old story: we encircle Russia with bases, Russia seeks to put a base by us. The solution is for us to get rid of the bases in Central Asia and the missile system aimed at Russia, as well as to stop NATO expansion in Eastern Europe. If we did that, Russia would likely not put a base in Cuba. While we're at it, why do we have bases in other countries anyways? Evo Morales gave a great answer to the question of would he allow a U.S. base in Bolivia: he said he would only if Bolivia could have a base in Florida. Regular powers don't have bases outside of their territorial boundaries because it implies military occupation of the country that they're located in. We don't have a right to have bases outside of the U.S. and Russia doesn't have a right to have bases outside of Russia. Unfortunately, we're the ones on top, not Russia, yet we will probably become inundated with a Red Terror type of propaganda about how Russia is so much of a threat to world security, while of course the U.S. will be regarded as not threatening at all despite Iraq, Afghanistan, Bush, our new world order, etc...

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