Monday, March 16, 2009

Stories about capital flight, or "capital loss" as they're referring to it as, may be the most important stories you'll read these days.

Starting with This from RawStory:

"US capital flows negative in January

Foreign investors sold a net 43 billion dollars in long-term US securities in January as the flow of capital turned negative, US Treasury data showed Monday.

The decline in foreign holdings was the steepest since August 2007.

The decline came after a revised capital surplus of 34.7 billion dollars December."

Capital flight is what destroyed the southeast asian economies in '98, particularly Indonesia. Investors withdrew en masse and the currencies collapsed, stopping the "Asian Tigers" phenomenon and destroying the credit of the governments, forcing them to rely on the IMF for reconstruction and economic recovery. The only power that wasn't effected by it was China, who put (or had) a strict system for controlling capital outflow in place, thereby preventing investors from taking all their money out of China during the crisis. Malaysia seems to have had something like that as well.

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Anonymous said...

But Obama is getting tough (and not just on SNL) ----

Obama is already 'clawing back' the loot from the financial elite looters.

Just look at the Executive Branch actions to get back the looted cash from UBS secret (tax dodging) accounts of thousands of these crooks --- who have looted billions and are now trying to expropriate it, to sneak it off shore, and out of Uncle Sam's reach to 'claw back'.

I strongly believe that this is just the first, quiet, but very serious effort by Obama to 'claw back' our stolen ‘commonwealth’, and that Executive Branch efforts (which can be done without bipartisan support, for obvious reasons) will increase to the point of real PAIN (bordering on torture) for the ruling-elite 'corporate financial Empire' looters.

In fact, I strongly believe that the shoes (or rather the leg-irons) are precisely on the other foot --- the foot of the formerly ruling-elite imperialist looters --- and that they already sense, from the UBS situation, the cell doors slamming shut on them.

Obama is starting to look like the ruling-elite's worst nightmare since Napoleon or Marx!

In a global world, where are the Ponzi schemers and looting financial elite to hide?

Even the pirates in Somali waters are getting nabbed today.

Our more sophisticated financial pirates may find that their only chance to hide-out may well be in the mountainous Afghan northeastern territories with Osama --- but when he touches them with a sword; it won't be to knight them, like that phony, ‘Sir’ Allen Stamford. Nor would such escaping crooks likely be staying in multi-million dollar penthouses, like Bernie Madoff.

I further strongly think that riling-up the working-class crowd would be the stupidest thing the elitist crooks could possibly do for their own personal safety.

The average, honest, working-class people of the United States know exactly what the score is, and they know who screwed them, and it's not their poor fellow citizens.

Extending form what Pogo famously said, “We have met the enemy” (but they ain’t us) they is the ruling-elite ‘corporate financial Empire’ ---- and they is goin’ down.

And although that low-life elitist media liar, Rupert Murdoch, used to be able to distract and rile-up some people with his scurrilous, racist NY Post, with things like showing our black President as a monkey shot and bleeding to death on the sidewalk, and get-away with lying that “I didn't mean 'that'”, and he used to be able to put fascist baffoons like Glenn Beck on his FOX propaganda channel and seed fears of WMDs, GWOT, and riots in the streets, the ruling-elite is starting to see that their old tricks of 'divide and conquer' are not working anymore --- and they correctly sense that they are absolutely alone (which is just how they live their nasty, thieving lives), and they are scared for their pitiful lives, and even more scared for their money.

Alan MacDonald
Sanford, Maine