Monday, April 06, 2009

Court lets Mumia Abu-Jamal conviction stand....I'm tempted to say "Good!"

The main reason he's in prison today is his own stupidity. What people don't often mention is that he represented himself in court and instead of putting on a real defense he grandstanded on the MOVE house bombing by the Philadelphia police. And he could very well have committed the crime. The stuff about him being under surveillance since he was a teenager is bullshit; yes, he was in fact monitored because he was a member of the Black Panther Party, but so were many other people. Mumia has distinguished himself while in prison by writing several shitty books and casting himself as a martyr. If you really want to free a political prisoner, free Leonard Peltier. And commute Mumia's sentence to life in prison.

*on edit: ok, Mumia didn't represent himself throughout the trial although he did it at the beginning. I still maintain that Mumia did things at his trial that sabotaged it.

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scott said...

So because he chose to represent himself and because he "could have" killed the kop he should be sentenced to death? Or be sentenced to life in prison - therefore you support life-long imprisonment?

Impressive how you also contradict yourself in one sentence - saying it's "bullshit" that he was under surveillance and then stating he was indeed monitored.

Nice also that you prioritize political prisoners, bestowing legitimacy apparently based on defense techniques and quality of prison writings.

Pretty shite analysis, even for a blog post.