Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I don't see what people are objecting to with Thailand's protests

Although after the silly posts below this may not be taken seriously, I mean it. The Red Shirted people are the supporters of a populist president who they feel was ousted unfairly. The truth, that I've never forgot after hearing about it, is that it's very convenient for people in the first world to pass judgment on the tactics used by folks in the third world while they never have to deal with those situations themselves. They're not living in Thailand, I'm not living into Thailand, it looks like there's a progressive populist uprising happen, and yet there's tut tutting, even from Progressive sites. Sky News, a network not identified as Progressive that's based on the UK, has had fairer coverage of the protests than U.S. progressive outlets. You know, people, particularly truckers, were practically rioting last summer over high gas prices. If people in the U.S. had to work in sweatshops they'd be going through the roof, yet they're taking a sanctimonious 'high ground' over the actions of the protesters.

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