Sunday, April 05, 2009

I'm glad that the Heidelberg project still exists

The Heidelberg Project is a outside art creation in the heart of Detroit where the guy responsible has done something that the Situationists and the Surrealists could really go for: he transformed the environment through covering everything with brightly colored dots and collections of salvaged objects like telephones and shoes that are in turn painted bright colors. I say I'm glad that it's still around because when I left Michigan, in 1999, it was slated for destruction.

In fact, I visited it and then went to an amazing benefit for it put on by Detroit techno artists. I actually got to hear Derrick May, one of the inventors of techno, do a complete remix of the entire "Computer World" album by Kraftwerk, which was like nothing I'd ever heard before, which still ranks with some of the best live music I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. But then I read that Mayor Dennis Archer, the Clinton-esque reformer, ordered it bulldozed. Apparently, though, they only partially destroyed it and then the people behind it filed suit and won.

I'm happy to have incidentally found that out nearly ten years later, which shows you how out of the loop with current Detroit stuff I am.

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