Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It looks like it's unfortunately coming to pass---the Bushites are morphing into actual Fascists

This article in the Washington Independent outlines the steady conversion of Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs from offensive right wing extremist to slightly less offensive, contrite, right wing extremist who's unhappy with the movement he sparked. According the article, from the Washington Independent, the conversion started a convenient month before the election, when right wing figures from the U.S. went to a "Counter Jihad" conference in Belgium that featured neo-fascist participants, particularly the Vlaams Bloc. The Vlaams Bloc, now Vlaams Belang, former vice president made some headlines in 2002 when he questioned the reality of gas chambers in the Holocaust. He was forced to resign. If you go to the links that the Washington Independent provides you'll see that the people who sponsored the conference are still in with the same crowd.

On of the ideas I floated in 2003 and restated was that the people in the hardcore far right massed around anti-Islam and anti-Civil Liberties sentiment may not be the actual fascists. An interesting thing is that the people who gave birth to Fascism in Germany weren't hardcore Nazis themselves, or even Nazis in any real sense. They were, instead, people who had been shocked by the defeat of Germany in World War I and the dismemberment of the German Empire, and its replacement with a Parliamentary Republic-based political system. But as time went by and the general condition of people in Germany worsened because of the Versailles sanctions, the Conservative Revolutionaries, as they called themselves, people like Ernst Jünger, were superseded by the forces that eventually gave birth to Adolph Hitler as a political figure and the Nazi Party as a political force. I hope that Obama's election and the defeat of the Bush system of politics does not give rise to the same sorts of virulent alliances, fed by a steady stream of right wing---but not quite outright fascist---hate put out by sites like Little Green Footballs.

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