Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why the argument that marijuana shouldn't be decriminalized because of super weed is bullshit

I'm sure you've heard the new propaganda that says that marijuana these days contains 30% THC while marijuana back in the '60s only contained 5% and that they're now different drugs. The new pot is crazy and makes people do crazy things. The only flaw, well not the only flaw, is that countries that have legalized pot, particularly the Netherlands, have had this super weed for years and years and years and they haven't gone overboard yet. Where do you think some of this super weed came from? Breeders in the Netherlands made up a huge portion of the strains that are potent today, as did folks here on the West Coast and in Canada. Although I haven't been to the Netherlands, my impression is that you can walk into any smoker's cafe and buy the super weed, and day of the week, fifty two weeks a year. Not only that but there's the little matter of hashish...

Hashish is another argument against the idea that there's this new super weed that makes people do bad stuff or instantly destroy themselves. You see, hashish is the traditional way folks have of taking said low potency weed and concentrating it to the point where it has the same level of THC as the super weed. Hashish has been manufactured for over a thousand years, and arguably the manufacture of hashish goes much further back then that, back to when people figured out you could take the glands off a pot plant and concentrate them to make a better high. And places that use hashish haven't freaked out and gone self destructive. Hashish is the preferred method of smoking for North Africa, including Morocco, and for the Middle East in general, Egypt, Lebanon, you name it.

So....the argument that kids today have a high that was inaccessible to their parents turns out to be propaganda to get people who have smoked weed and who know that weed doesn't necessarily destroy your life to become anti-marijuana and anti-marijuana legalization.

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