Monday, May 18, 2009

Biographical information

I was born and raised in Romeo Michigan, did a stint of time in Almont up the road, another stint in Imlay City, before moving to the suburbs themselves and graduating from the Roeper School in Birmingham Michigan.

Romeo was a nice Victorian town north of the Detroit area. I lived within the village itself and then in the country roughly between Romeo and Almont, on a one mile road with seven houses on it. Almont was its ugly redneck brother up the road, where although not literally every person was fucked up, a large contingent of folks had no acquaintance with some essential aspects of the modern world, like non-Christian centered liberalism. The kids seemed to be more progressive than their parents, who were in many cases sheep fucking country folk. I had the distinction of living down the street from a Country farm supply store and feed silo. Imlay City, even father up the road, was ironically better because it was, as the name suggests, a bigger place.

Although Roeper was probably the biggest turning point in my life, helping out with the transition from person who may have had some potential to educated individual, the liberal/commie school that folks think is Roeper is truly not responsible for the stuff on this site. I was far on the way to all of this when I started there, even though it may have been somewhat less sophisticated.

Then, I had two quarters at NYU, one quarter at the infamous Quaker peace college (with a fucking nasty, inhuman, bureaucracy attached to it) Earlham College in Indiana, before dropping out of society for about four years, eventually finishing up school at one of our finest public institutions of higher learning: The Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington.

Now I live in Seattle.

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