Saturday, May 23, 2009

Civil suit, criminal charges, threatened against Evergreen State College Performance Artists

Doing political theater on campus. The group in question is called the "Middle East Solidarity Project" and what their disruptive crime was was putting up a mock checkpoint of the kind that Palestinians face every day, first in the front of campus and then in front of the library, and acting towards passers by like the Israeli Army acts towards Palestinians. Every once in a while a volunteer was thrown to the ground and had their wrists bound together with zip ties.

The place to find out information about the street theater is Click on the link to issue #2 to read about the demonstration.

It may be good to send a nice e-mail or two, to Art Constantino, the Dean of Students, expressing opinions on the issue. In fact, if you want to, there's a direct link to an e-mail form to Art Constantino here: You scroll down to the bottom of the letter (which is about general safety issues on campus) and then click on Art's hotlinked name and it'll take you right to it.

There has been a bizarre anti-activist reaction at Evergreen by both the administration and by parts of the student body in general, from what I gather. Part of it no doubt has to do with the fact that activism by students at Evergreen, particularly SDS, has been really effective and has by accounts harshed the high of normally apolitical hipsters who have had actual issues outside of literature put in front of them.

The great irony of that is that while these folks have for a long time taken a cynical view of activism and politics which says that people really don't care, the country as a whole, outside of Evergreen, is becoming more politically liberal and progressive.

I haven't lived in Oly in two years, but these are some impressions that I've gathered from various sources.

So the country will probably have the last laugh, which doesn't help people out in the short term though...

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