Wednesday, May 20, 2009

History of Violence bigger review

Being a person who had several brushes with the law before going straight, and not only going straight but becoming extremely studious and hardworking regarding academics, the ending of it was a little too close for comfort. I think I'm too biased against the whole situation to really write something objective. The kind of mom and pop, very white, rural midwestern setup that they all lived in is pretty much what I've been struggling to get away from for a long time, because of what I see as the inherent hypocrisy of it all, people hiding behind small town values. Marrying a cheerleader and having that sort of life, it just brings back too many memories, memories that mostly accentuate just how far away that ideal existence was from my personal life while growing up in the country in the midwest. Personally, there's a part of me that would have liked to have that life, to have had some sort of idyllic existence where I could be on the football team, be an all American kid, and have some good wholesome success, but that's not the way the cards were dealt in my case. Those lives of stability so often seemed to be accompanied by money and at least small town scale power, great lubricants to grease the wheel of normalcy.

Other times I'm glad that I wasn't granted that, because the factors that shaped my life were indicative of greater society as a whole, as it really is, and by coming to the root of how society functioned I came to an explanation for why things were like they were in my case.

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