Sunday, May 03, 2009

How to earth the current?

By which I mean how to bring this blog back up towards something approaching accessibility for understanding by people who haven't been reading it for multiple years. I feel that a really good change is at hand, that in point of fact the blog may be attracting a broader audience, albeit one still made of strange mother fuckers like myself. The challenge is how to incorporate new people into the fold so that the blog doesn't appear so completely hermetic that you can't understand anything on it unless you've read half the archives. Which, considering that the blog is approaching post number 5,000, would be a challenging task.

I see this as a reflection of trends in my life life as a whole. I dropped out of society approaching 9 and a half years ago, literally taking off from a college that was dicking me around and moving to a sparsely inhabited island (in the Florida Keys). Now, history has spiraled back in good Hegelian fashion--I'm surfacing in more normal way, but on a higher level, with almost a decade of interesting experiences behind me that have changed the direction of my life considerably.

So it makes sense for the blag to follow suit. But how to do it?

That's what I'm starting to work on. That and paying off a legitimate copy of Adobe Creative Suite, which will take me months and months and months.

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