Monday, May 18, 2009

Interesting concept by Wilhelm Reich: that the subconscious extends down into the body

Through the interaction of muscles and the nervous system. According to Reich, traumatic incidents are recorded not only as psychic events but also as muscular stress that accumulates and doesn't ever discharge. The way this works is that traumatic psychic events cause an involuntary muscle tightening, like in the throat or the diaphragm, but also in the muscles of the back, of the abdomen, and of the face among other places. The insight that Reich had was that while psychological counseling could deal with the psychic trauma and cause a spontaneous loosening of the corresponding muscular inhibition, the reverse could be true as well: by physically manipulating the tensed areas the traumatic event could be brought into consciousness and then dealt with.

Examples of trauma recorded in muscles, from a non-professional: tightening in the vocal chords of people who have had the expression of their opinions stifled, tightening in the faces of people whose displays of emotion were criticized.

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Marcus Jump said...

I had just finished watching a documentary on Google Video called 'Mans Right To Know', and i was searching for some Wilhelm Reich books, particularly ones that were supressed.. i happened across your blog, and am delighted to see that other minds are on such similiar pages. Recently, my friends and i have been using massage therapy/muscle relaxing as a means of processing tension in the body, and its nice to see that Dr. Reich was ahead of the curve once again..

Also, from our standpoint, an increased intake of clean drinkable non-flouridated water is key to maintaining health. We've increased our intake, and have been doing yoga stretches, and we've been feeling amazing!

Anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts, and the work of Wilhelm Reich.