Sunday, May 17, 2009

My writing style is being infiltrated by Facebook, Forró

And no, you can't be my friend. I'm listening to a cd of Brazilian "Forró" music, accordion heavy stuff from the Northeast of the country, and was going to start out the article "John is currently listening to "Brazil: Forró (Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers)". I still haven't forgotten Brazilian music or culture. Forró has a nice beat to it and lots and lots of energy, with a sort of call and response format between the main singer and a chorus of backup singers. The album actually is subtitled "Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers" because of a conversation that the guy who compiled the album had, strangely enough, with a Taxi driver. On hearing that he was going to put together an album of Forró the driver asked him why he was doing that since 'only maids and taxi drivers' (inexact quote) listened to that style of music. The Tropicalistas took an interest in it....

Social justice sells these days, and I've seen two Tropicalista CDs, both made in Russia, that talk about the movement being not just music but also about social justice, but not expanding on that concept whatsoever and telling people just how all of that relates to social justice.

I'll have to go to the actual country of Brazil one of these days. If anyone out there is willing to pay for Portuguese lessons for me, plus airfare to and from the country, plus expenses for staying there, please step up to the plate.

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