Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama takes a broad general view of things

And gives a 90 day extension to military tribunals for Gitmo detainees--the same tribunals he opposed and that are basically kangaroo courts where the people accused have virtually no rights and where initially they had to fight to get representation from a non-government appointed lawyer.

People familiar with William S. Burroughs will recognize the title of this post as deriving from his piece "When did I stop wanting to be President?". When talking about the endemic corruption of his home state Burroughs declares that he wasn't necessarily opposed to it---indeed, he'd learned to take a "broad, general view of things"---but that his aspirations were of a humbler nature: to become commissioner of sewers, where he and fellow appointees would "Wallow in corruption like contented alligators".

Apparently, the military has been lobbying Obama to ease back on his plans to close Gitmo and stop the tribunals once and for all, and of course a moral force like the brass of the U.S. military has to be respected.

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