Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Old Rawstory and the New Rawstory, "Poll: 91% of conservatives think Obama is socialist, Marxist, communist or fascist"

Wow, how the otherwise mighty have fallen. The above linked to article screams it's percentage in its headline, but then goes on to say that the figure was arrived at by a voluntary poll at a site dedicated to conservative politics. Not surprisingly, only a few percentage points of people thought Obama was a mere liberal. So in other words the poll doesn't mean shit. Then, the results are juxtaposed with the results from a real semi-randomized poll of people that revealed that sixty three percent of people think that Obama is taking the country in the right direction. The conclusion that the author thereafter draws? That while most people approve of Obama's policies, conservatives are hardening their stance. This is uncalled for. There's absolutely no proof of that. All you have is one online poll of the viewer of a conservative website, nothing to compare it to in terms of how the percentage of folks who think of themselves as conservative feel about Obama. There's nothing there. I'm sure that if you took an online poll from the front page of a neo-nazi message board that you'd find a high percentage of people there not agreeing with Obama's politics, but a poll from there would not really say a thing about conservatives in general.

Please, RawStory, get away from the blogging about the news habit and start just reporting the news again.

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