Monday, May 04, 2009

Reading an insane right wing article about the "Real Che Guevara"...

That's been recycled lately because of a new book by that name, I can't help but remember when the right wing was criticizing left wing college professors not simply for having left wing views but for writing books that were not accurate academically but were motivated by ideology. In those debates, conservatives, whether rightly or wrongly, portrayed themselves as the folks taking the intellectual high ground. Nowadays U.S. conservatives are on about the intellectual level of Rhesus monkeys and just as shrill, but are still amazingly enough criticizing the other side as being dishonest academically, even though they probably don't have a clue what that actually means.

The article in question is Here.
It's interesting that the author refers to a "famous" speech by Che Guevara from 1961 and yet the only references to it that I could find running the quotes through Google were other right wing articles that repeated the same claim with no attribution.

Those pesky, biased, intellectually deficient lefty professors indeed.

I'm sorry, but it's just so funny. There was a very good two volume (now three volume) study of the intersection between African, specifically north african, ideas and Greek and Middle Eastern culture called "Black Athena", that was lambasted and even provoked a volume of collected essays written against it. The problem there is that "Black Athena" is one of the most highly footnoted and well researched scholarly books that I've ever come across. It's not what people seemed to think it was, which was an uncritical Afro-centric rewriting of history.

I'd like to see the author of the Che Guevara article, or his followers, produce one paper, just one, written on the level of Black Athena.

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Tristan said...

Well, Guevara was a statist thug, that should not be beyond doubt - it is well documented.

Whether all the charges laid at his feet by the right and Cuban ex-pats is questionable, but his place as a hero of much of the left is misplaced.

The crimes of the Cuban revolutionaries are no different from the crimes of Pinochet, and should be condemned equally.